The Ethereal Theatre

05 Mar 2018

On March 9th the book We Are The Market, Onomatopee 142 will be presented at Onomatopee in Eindhoven. It contains a range of
art projects and texts including my essay The Ethereal Theatre that is part technology, theatre and criticism and part personal and activist essay.

Machine Dream

03 Mar 2018

Machine Dream is a poetic video rumination on the transformations of our rural landscape, as part of the new and inspiring Dissident Gardens exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam. Made with the researchers and producers of Het Nieuwe Instituut, with pro editor Dirk de Graaff, with voice angel Annie Goodner who most eloquently speaks my written words and with Jordy Ringeling for the almost-alien motion graphics.

Index of Things Seen in the Complete Exhibited Objects by Artist Duo Cohen & Van Balen

26 Jan 2018

In the hypertekst series, number 10 is a reading held at the end of the exhibition White Horse / Twin Horse that showed the collected works of Israeli-Belgian and London-based artist duo Cohen & Van Balen. The performance was held from within the setting of the exhibited works.